An investment team committed to consistent long-term performance

We ideate, innovate, and target benchmark-beating performance.

The portfolio will be personally overseen by Jean Josse and Dan Zanger. Our team offers a set of complementary skills, which together create a foundation of experience and expertise.

Chief Investment Officer

Jean Josse

Jean has been working with high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions for nearly 15 years. His area of expertise is managing portfolios by carefully assessing risk in a constantly evolving market environment.

He began his career on Wall Street in 2004 as a Sales Associate with GunnAllen Financial and was quickly promoted to a Financial Advisor in 2005. In response to that decade’s financial crisis, he developed a trading strategy with built-in risk management parameters that sought to protect a portfolio’s downside while maximizing returns in favorable markets.

In 2010, he began managing individual equity portfolios using the strategy he developed. In addition, he advises clients on private equity, real estate, and initial public offerings. Jean graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a dual major in philosophy and global studies.

Portfolio Manager

Dan Zanger

Dan Zanger is one of the world’s most accomplished traders, known for achieving stellar returns through his study of equities momentum. Between 1997 and 1999, he famously grew $11,000 into 18 million.

Dan originally worked as an independent contractor in southern California, while studying equity market performance and the effects of macroeconomic forces—such as interest rates—on the market and its various sectors. His multi-decades-long trading prowess has been independently audited, and profiles of his strategies have appeared in many nationally read publications. His newsletter, The Zanger Report, is popular among professional traders and individual investors.

As GlassBead’s Chief Portfolio Manager, Dan brings extraordinary experience and a proven track record to the firm’s portfolios and propriety methodologies. His disciplined approach and keen understanding of stock movements across every type of economic and market cycle offer strong support for the firm’s asset management and pursuit of benchmark-beating risk-adjusted returns.

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